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  • DJ'd/Pre Recorded Music

  • Complete Set up and tear down

  • Lighting

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KLYNTEL (KLY-N-TELL) is an original band that specializes in “collective grooves”. From Fusion Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, and R&B/Soul, Klyntel prides themselves on musicianship.


At the helm is the band's founder and principle, D.Fernandez Lockhart, the main songwriter/arranger and percussionist of the group. 


The bands anticipated new CD "Klyntelligence" features vocalist T.Brown and Kristyna Hope, and will also feature guest M.C.'s and other vocalist to complete the bands project.


Going forward you'll see more of the band getting back to it's Fusion Jazz roots and implementing more Hip Hop beats and features from more vocalist and M.C.'s. 



Klyntel’s first CD “Uninhibited: The Groove Collective” was a myriad of  instrumental jams they compiled over the first year which produced such charting singles like “Red CoolAde” & “My Time” a favorite in Europe.



As they prepare to launch their second CD, Klyntel’s Motto is “To create an eclectic visionary sound that engulfs  the pure essence of creativity by aligning ourselves and connecting with those that embrace our musical journey”

Klyntel. Definitely one to watch for.

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